The Company Taba Tababee, responding to market demands, created CarpetU2, an e-Shop of high standards for selling carpets online.

The vast variety of carpets in our collection, their high quality and uniqueness in combination with our continuous efforts to serve our customers professionally are some of the factors that have made CarpetU2 stand out as one of the largest handmade carpet online shops in Europe. Furthermore, given the fact that we import our carpets directly from Iran without having to deal with any middlemen we are able to offer our carpets not only at very fair but also incomparable prices. The success of CarpetU2 is clearly demonstrated by the rising interest and huge demand from our customers not only in Greece but also on an international level. We are constantly trying to upgrade our services and to optimize our service offerings globally. CarpetU2 combines the application of innovative technology with the passion and love for oriental carpet and oriental art in general.

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Discover our website and let yourselves be carried away by the magic of handmade Oriental carpets. CarpetU2’s skilled staff is at your disposal to make every of your purchase a pleasant experience!

Finally, if you wish to come and visit our store, you can see carpets from our online collection from up close, following the steps below:

1. Navigate through our website and choose the carpets you like.
2. Next, contact us by phone - at least one day before your visit - and give us the code numbers of the carpets that you have chosen.
3. Visit our store in Thessaloniki in order to pick up your order yourself or view the carpets that you are interested in.

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